Online Portal

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It enables you to:

  • Communicate directly with the doctor or the staff using secure messaging.
  • View key clinical information about you or your child, such as lab reports, allergies, diagnoses, current medications, immunizations, etc.
  • You can also allow other doctors to view this information.
  • Do these things using a smartphone or computer.


How to email a question to the staff or to the doctor through the Passport portal:

  1. Login
  2. Click the orange bar at the page bottom, where it says “New Message”.
  3. To send to the doctor, choose the subject of  “About your health” in the email box that opens up.
  4. To send to the front desk staff, select one of the other subjects.


Non-medical questionssuch as those related to billing, insurance, scheduling, the web site, or other administrative issues, call us directly at 609-474-4325.

This portal makes access to your doctor easier and more efficient.

How to schedule appointments is handled only over the phone.  609-464-4325.

Leaving phone messages:
Calls often go to voice mail.
Don’t worry. We are likely here but busy at the moment. Please leave a message. We call folks back promptly.


How to get tech support:
For trouble with Passport:
call us at 609-474-4325
or send an email to

Please call us if you have any questions or difficulties.