Demand GMO Labeling

The GMO bill currently in the New Jersey legislature would meet an urgent need by requiring GMO foods be identified as such. Help us demand these foods be labeled in NJ!

Some GMO foods have already been banned in France, Russia, and other countries, as evidence mounts that they cause things like organ damage, massive tumors, and early death.

You can boycott the dishonest companies lobbying against laws of disclosure and spending millions of dollars to minimize the evidence, mostly with incorrect information.

Activists around the state are working hard to make sure that the New Jersey Assembly and Senate actually votes on GMO Labeling Bills A-3192 and S-1367. But bills can be introduced with a lot of talk, and then quietly disappear, never voted on.

If that happens to these bills, the GMO bill has to start all over again from the beginning in the next session. The time is ripe and the push is on for a vote in the Senate Health Committee during December 2013 and a full Assembly vote in December as well. You can help!

  1. Contact Senators Diane Allen and Fred Madden and ask them to VOTE YES on Bill S-1367.
    1. Senator Fred H. Madden Jr.:
      (856) 232-6700,
    2. Senator Diane B. Allen:
      (856) 314-8835,
  2. Pick up the phone.
    Tell Majority Leader Greenwald, Assembly Speaker Oliver and incoming Speaker Prieto to put GMO bill A-3192 before the full Assembly for a vote in this legislative session.After being blocked in committee early this year, the Assembly Budget Committee finally passed GMO bill A-3192 in June. Now the full Assembly can vote.Don’t let them dodge their responsibility. Call them.

    • Assembly Leader Lou Greenwald
      (856) 435-1247
    • Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver
      (973) 395-1166
    • Incoming Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto
      (201) 770-1303
  3. Plan to go to Trenton for these historic GMO labeling votes. A big turnout will send a loud and powerful message to lawmakers.If you and/or anyone you know can be in Trenton on the day of each vote, be there.And keep an on on the GMO Free NJ website for updates on the GMO bill, as well as to learn changes to the timing and location of the votes.This website of GMO Free NJ contains a lot of great links and information on GMO matters, and more info is at .