Stephanie Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutritionist Stephanie Goodman prioritizes nutrition, healing foods, and healthful eating as cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant life. She focuses on helping people understand their own nutritional needs and supporting lifestyle changes to maximize improvements in health.

These changes are rooted in a new understanding of the impact of certain foods, of how to build a diet that meets your nutritional needs, of a new awareness of  food sensitivities you might not have suspected, of toxins in your body, paths to weight loss, etc.

Over the past several years, Stephanie has earned the respect of Dr. Ginsburg with her skill combining the basic tenets of healthy eating and lifestyle with the emerging science of Integrative and Functional Nutrition. Today they form a strong team.

Nutrition can spark remarkable healing to occur simply by uncovering the special needs of the body, and helping the client understand how to address them.

In order to be successful in reaching your nutrition goals, or understand how to use a nutritionist, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Conflicting Nutritional Information
    There is so much conflicting information in the media that often people have no idea what to eat. Working with Stephanie can help you sort through the misinformation and help you discover what truly works for your individual self and body.
  2. Your Relationship with Food
    A healthy relationship with food is vital.  Food needs to be thought of as fuel for your body to grow, heal, and thrive. Stephanie wants to show you how food can truly be healing and as Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”
  3. It’s Not Just What You Eat
    To feel your best and live each day at a high level, Stephanie teaches her clients that it’s not only a matter of what you eat, but of how you eat, when you eat and other important factors. Stephanie coaches people to understand the basics so they can guide themselves from that point. It often takes about three sessions for a client to get command of an issue.
  4. Weight Loss
    When it comes to weight loss, people are often successful in the short term, but fail to maintain the loss and thus head into a difficult cycle of losing and gaining weight. Stephanie has proven strategies to help not only achieve a healthy weight, but maintain that weight and feel vibrant. Stephanie is passionate about supporting her clients and guiding them as they learn about what foods and strategies work best for them as individuals.
  5. You Are The One
    The solution to nutritional issues is for you to understand what the problems are, and to learn enough to solve them. Stephanie structures her sessions to accelerate her client’s learning. With the client as partner, they craft a customized plan that can expand over time. The client learns how to think about food, how to select food at the market, about meal preparation, and how to organize the kitchen for easier preparation of healthy food.
  6. Specialized Support
    Many people have special dietary needs because of foods that affect them badly or because of food that need to be restricted or added, in order to facilitate healing. Stephanie is especially skilled in working with special dietary needs such as gluten-free, and the special needs of people with ADD, ADHD, or autism.
  7. Home Visits/Grocery Shopping Support
    Changing old ways of eating can be challenging and confusing. Stephanie is available to come to clients’ homes, to help with re-planning the kitchen and the family staples so they  can move more smoothly into efficiently preparing new meals.
    She will accompany patients to the grocery store (if desired) to help them learn how to recognize and select good food as well as read labels.

Call Stephanie at 732-821-1005 if you would like to schedule an appointment or have questions.