Gluten-Free Pancakes

Can be served in a stack or can be made large and rolled up with butter (or peanut butter) and jam inside. Makes good waffles as well. You can freeze them and later pop them in the toaster for quick meals and snacks.

Preparation time: about 15 minutes
Serving: about 7 big waffles or 35 pancakes

You will need some kind of blender or electric hand mixer.


  • 3 cups rolled oats, soaked in the milk overnight (or 8 hours)
  • 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cups milk (hazelnut, coconut, soy, rice, oat, or hemp)
  • 4 eggs (6 eggs to make large pancakes for rolling)
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar or sucanat (dehydrated cane juice)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2-4 tablespoons oil (coconut, ghee, or olive)

Optional toppings: Maple syrup, applesauce, jam, fresh banana butter, or nut butter

Ghee (aka clarified butter) is butter without casein or milk solids. Lactose, which is largely removed from butter, is further removed to the point that ghee is safe for most lactose intolerant people. As a staple in Indian cooking for its flavor, it is good for lactose intolerant people. But remember: some people are bothered by other parts of milk, and ghee may not solve their dairy issue.

Soaking grains: Whole grains contain phytic acid, which blocks your body from absorbing many nutrients. Soaking, sprouting, and old fashioned sour leavening  neutralize these phylates. Many people who are allergic to grains will tolerate them well when soaked, and most traditional societies usually soak or ferment their grains before eating them.

Gluten-free oats: Oats themselves have no gluten, but can pick up gluten from growing in fields near wheat, or from factory equipment that also processes wheat. If you need oats absolutely free of gluten, you can use Bob’s Red Mill brand “Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats“, which are available at Whole Foods and Whole Earth Market.


  1. Soak oats overnight or for 8 hours
  2. In the morning, blend all ingredients until smooth
  3. Preheat an oiled pan (cast iron, ceramic or stainless steel)
  4. Flip pancakes when you see the bubbles form in the batter
  5. They are done when golden brown

The cooked ones store well in the freezer inside a zip lock bag or in tupperware. You can also store the batter in the freezer. Thaws in the fridge in 12 to 15 hours or on the counter overnight.

Credits: This recipe was adapted by Bastyr student Ronit Gouraine from the cookbook The Splendid Grain with changes from Gay Stielstra and then from Dr. Deborah Ginsburg. Initially we found it published in Mothering magazine, unknown date.