for the whole family.

Integrative, holistic medicine for the whole family
with concentrations in women's health, pediatrics,
immune strength, nutrition, birth, and building health.

Dr. Deborah Ginsburg is a board certified Family Doctor with additional certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine.
As a Family Doctor, Dr. Ginsburg is the primary doctor for most of her patients, adults and children. She also serves as a consulting voice in matters where someone wants a holistic perspective. She has a solid foundation in conventional medicine as well as deep respect for and understanding of a variety of alternative modalities.

A holistic physician treats the same conditions and has the same training as conventional physicians, but brings a wider view and more tools to facilitate a radically different orientation: building health and wellness instead of just treating symptoms. Symptoms are indicators of the underlying issue that needs help. Problems and diseases become windows into the whole person, providing clues for improving the real level of health.

Good health doesn’t come from a pill.

It comes from your choices and your lifestyle.

Our mission is to help people and families build a lifestyle that serves them, and to thrive.

While she deals with illnesses as they occur, the goal is that all patients thrive at a high level of vibrant health. Two guiding principles direct her practice:

Preventive medicine in its true form
This means working with families to understand and develop lifestyle habits and make life choices that lead to wellness on a core level.

Treat the root cause
Address the root cause of illness and dysfunction, rather than just hiding symptoms, as modern medicine often does.